About Us

Michigan Mom Memories is a resource for parents who love to adventure with their children. I am a Michigan Mom with two little ones, and we are always looking for something to do or somewhere to go. My goal is to explore our wonderful state and give my children a sense of adventure and imagination like when we were children!

The idea of MMM began when I made a list of places I would like to take my children. I showed my spreadsheet to my husband who said that other parents would love to have a list of places but probably do not have the time to research. We started exploring and researching places near our home in Mid-Michigan but are slowly branching out across the state.

Are you looking for a new place to take your child? I created a database of toddler-friendly locations to help plan your next memory. Several locations are free and located in your own community. Toddlers are always learning so it is important to keep their sense of adventure satisfied. Michigan Mom Memories is here to help!