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Looking to go for a swim indoors? These pools are open (with a small fee) to the public for some water fun!

Do you ever see that mom that looks like she is always prepared? Does she look like she has everything her toddler needs to stay happy instead of having a meltdown because suddenly your little one doesn’t want an apple sauce pouch (even though it’s their favorite), they want a granola bar or fruit snacks? That’s me! I’m that mom! … most of the time.

Once our second baby was born and we were ready to go out and make the most of our parental leave, we realized... very quickly... that we needed to come up with a better diaper bag system. After many trials and errors, we found a system that works to get us out the door in less than 10 minutes with two under two!

Hospital Bag Checklist

Your due date is approaching, you stocked up on diapers, wipes, set up the nursery, you installed the car seat, and it is finally time for the last leg of your pregnancy journey… Now, you are ready to pack your hospital bag.

The winter months can be difficult with little ones. It’s hard to find indoor places to take them so they can have fun. Here are some places in the Port Huron area that may break that cabin fever or gloomy rainy day

Here are some places in the Mid Michigan area to take your toddlers to have fun and burn off some energy, all while staying indoors!