Top 8 Toddler-Friendly Indoor Activies in Mid-Michigan

Places to go burn off that Energizer Bunny-like energy your toddler is bound to have this winter.

Location: 315 W Genesee Ave, Saginaw
Cost: $7.50 per person (under 2 is free)

Why? This place was so much fun for my little one… and me! There is a gigantic water table she could have probably stayed at hours. Aside from the table, there is lots to explore. My almost 2-yr old had a blast in the farm barn themed playscape, playing in the huge miniature kitchen stocked with all the (toy) cooking supplies, and extracting teeth (I know… sounds weird but super cool) from the giant mouth!

Location: 400 Badour Road, Midland MI 48640
Cost: FREE

Why? I may have a soft spot for CNC. This place is amazing because you can walk through their little exhibit. Even my 2-year-old enjoys walking through. At the end of the exhibit there is a calming spot to snack and watch the birds. You are always guaranteed to see birds and hear them as well! They have a little play area with activities for toddlers. If you are feeling up to going outside… there is a fenced in nature play area designed for kids called “The Woods”. I haven’t tried going in there in the winter, but I am sure it would be all the same… hard to get my little one to leave!

Location: 3415 Isabella St, Suite 3, Midland MI 48640
Cost: $8 for children 1-13. (Adults and infants are free)

Why? This place is 10 minutes from home and the perfect spot to burn off some energy for an hour or three. They have open play times MTWF starting at 9:30am. I am now a mother of two. One is almost two and the other is a few months old. This is the perfect place for me to go with both. My toddler is free to run around, and I can stay with my baby! Usually, we go here at least once a week.

Location: 1710 W St Andrews Rd, Midland MI 48640
Cost: FREE

Why? Who would think… I am going to take my crazy toddler to a LIBRARY?! Well, that is exactly what the lower level of Grace A. Dow Library is designed to do! I started taking my little one here when she was a little over a year old… and we still go often. It is so nice. There is a nice little playscape inside, as well as lots of interactive toys throughout the area.

Location: Above Live Oak Coffee 713 Ashman St, Midland MI 48640
Cost: $35 for 1.5 hours. Up to 8 kids.

Why? Ok, so you might have to book this one in advance… so it isn’t a spontaneous like the other ones… but it is completely private! I usually get a few other parents to split the $35 with and we let our kids play together. It is the perfect place for a playdate. The parents can sit back at the tables… drink their coffee and the kids and run through a miniature Midland!

Location: 2422 E Broomfield Rd, Mt Pleasant MI 48858
Cost: $5 for Toddler-Time

Why? This is a trampoline park with all the regular bouncy trampolines and even equipped with the foam pit. But in addition, there are bounce houses and the little foot powered cars to drive around. It totally sucks the toddler times are on weekdays during normal working hours… but if you can swing it… take your little one here! Seriously… it is $5 and they will LOVE it. It is right before naptime so usually my toddler is burning off that last bit of energy before she’s ready for lunch and a nap. It is perfect! Don’t forget your grip socks! Or there are some available for purchase. I believe they were $3. They have toddler sizes!

Location: 1111 E Wackerly, Midland MI 48642
Cost: $10 per child from 12:30-1:15

Why? I am going to be completely honest and admit that we have not visited this facility. BUT… after calling around to every gymnastics facility in the area… this was the only one to offer toddler time. Unfortunately, when I had the flexibility to take my toddler, it was prime napping time for her… she would have been a little monster. Now, she usually naps around 1:00-1:30. So hopefully I’ll get the chance to check it out! Gymnastics facilities are a great way to let your child safely play indoors. All the padded areas, foam pit, right down to the spring floor are perfect to let your wild one be wild!

Location: 2572 Tittabawassee Road Saginaw, MI 48604
Cost: $10

Why? Every Thursday and Sunday, Airborne Adventure Park closes to the big kids only allows little jumpers! Children 5 and under get their time to jump from 10am-12pm. PERFECT timing for all those little ones with their afternoon naps. MMM has not been to this facility yet… however, I have some friends who took their little ones and loved it! We plan on visiting very soon.

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