Grab and Go Diaper Bag for Two Children Under Two

When I was nearing the end of my second pregnancy, I realized that I wanted to make the most of my maternity leave. I created a list of places to take my newborn and 1.5-year-old. After my second daughter was born and we went out a few times in those first couple weeks, we found out that we needed a better system for leaving the house quickly with TWO UNDER TWO!

First, we tried separate diaper bags. That was a pain in the rear. Then, we tried to cram everything we needed into one bag. Since it didn’t all fit… we would guess what we needed for the day and leave the rest at home. Well, guess what happened? We were an hour from home when our 1.5 year old had a blowout all the way up her back and didn’t have a change of clothes. That was a fun day. We also didn’t pack enough snacks for our toddler who was now sitting in her diaper with no clothes, hangry because it was in between breakfast and lunch time.

After many trials and errors those first couple weeks… we finally landed a system that worked for us.

We purchased this bag on Amazon for our first born. When I chose this bag, I knew nothing about babies and this bag had a large number of 5-star ratings. I bought a fancy Eddie Bauer bag for my second born and it now sits in the back of my car with a couple diapers and a pack of wipes for emergencies.

This Ruvalino Bag fits so much stuff that I wish I could get paid to promote them! Here is my packing technique that works for our two under two:

  1. The big zipper. We stuff that pouch full of diapers and wipes. It also has a changing pad. The baby’s diapers go in the center with the wipes. My toddler’s diapers go in the zipped area to keep them separated. I can only fit a few diapers for my toddler, but that’s all she needs for a day trip! Babies are more unpredictable.
  2. Second zipper. Bottles with the correct amount of formula already added. Right now, my baby has 6oz of formula. So, I pack all the bottles I need for however long I plan to be gone, with three scoops of powder. No water! I also pack a few bibs and a burp cloth in this section.
  3. Next is a very flat section. Probably designed for papers or something. This is where I pack a change of clothes. I fold them super flat and can fit both children’s clothes in this section.
  4. Front pouch. Medicine, band aids, thermometer, extra ponytails.
  5. Very front. Extra pacifiers.
  6. Side pouch. Sippy cup that has ounce measurements to measure 6oz of water for formula.
  7. Other side pouch. Giant bottle of water.


There is one last thing to consider. TODDLER SNACKS. My little one is very serious about her snacks. The way I remedied this is to always have a snack bag ready to go as well! The snack bag is a cooler. It has snacks ready to go but we also like to add cold items from the fridge. The diaper bag is always ready to go with the exception of prepping the bottles.

We found this strategy works best for us. It is easy to keep these bags filled. We are able to get out the door with everything we might possibly need and both kids in tow in less than 10 minutes!

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